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Third man questioned in Cumbria ‘shed’ investigation

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A third man has been questioned by the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA) in connection with allegations that a vulnerable worker lived in a six-foot shed for the last 40 years.

The 20-year-old British national was arrested by GLAA investigators on Wednesday 24 April before being later released under investigation.

Two men aged 79 and 53 were previously arrested on suspicion of modern slavery offences at separate fixed residential sites north of Carlisle in October 2018 and earlier this month.

They were both also released under investigation.

The potential victim, a 58-year-old British man, was taken off the site by the GLAA, with investigators finding a soiled duvet on the floor of the shed where he was sleeping and a television which was metered.

Over the last six months, the man has been receiving specialist support and is living in sheltered accommodation.

GLAA Senior Investigating Officer Martin Plimmer said: “He has made some positive progress and is clearly in a far better place than he was when we rescued him.

“We are under no illusions though that he still faces a very long road to recovery. He is being given every assistance but it will be a slow process, as he is severely traumatised from the alleged exploitation we believe he has endured for all his adult life.

“While this support continues, we are exploring all avenues of investigation. We are also appealing for anyone who has not yet come forward with information to do so.

“Your information, however small, could play a crucial role in the investigation.”

Anyone with information should call the GLAA’s intelligence team on 0800 4320804 or email intelligence@gla.gov.uk

BG Media London

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